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How to update specified tag from a resource

The usage of Tags on Azure resources is a very common and very useful for several reasons that I will not cover on this post. Although in some occasions, if you need to update a Tag from a resource, because either it’s not suitable anymore or you are reaching the limit of the number of Tags allowed by Azure. In this case the idea is reuse the Tag Shutdown, although...


How to get Tags for all the resources on the same Resource Group

When you heavily use Tags on your Azure Resources, is very easy to reach the limits of the Tags that Azure allow to use on each resource. On the other hand, to be consistent on the Tags applied on those resources is key to a good Tag implementation. The way that I like to do is to create an Azure Automation runbook, so when it runs you will have the...


When to use Resource Tags in Azure

First, Tags in Azure, and almost in any other platform/application, are used to help you organize in a logical way, all the resources. So, if you have a model of subscriptions like Tier 0 (see this post) and then you have different subscriptions, where you will have all the resources (for example Production, Test and Development subscriptions) how can you organize in a logical way? For example, by department or...