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Store, Backup, Recover your data – Part 2

This is a continuation of the previous blog post http://azurecentric.com/2017/02/13/store-backup-recover-your-data-part-1/ Azure Blob supports REST APIs so you can use it directly and build tools to integrate, but there are several ways you can use Azure storage to integrate with your on-premises datacenter environment: StorSimple Cloud-integrated Storage – StorSimple systems combine the data management functions of primary storage, backup, archive and disaster recovery with seamless Azure integration – enabling a hybrid cloud...


Store, Backup, Recover your data – Part 1

Let’s first understand why Cloud makes for a great storage option? A typical organization increases their data storage by 50-60% every year (source: IDC). But only a small portion of the data is frequently accessed or used. So, using purely on-premises storage like SAN/NAS solutions for that data is expensive. Forrester’s study placed a cost of about USD$95 per GB of data per year for an on-premises SAN solution which...


Hybrid Cloud storage

Cloud storage is the ideal way to handle the exploding demand for storage across industries. By moving data that is less frequently accessed to the cloud, you free up space on-premises while bringing down costs. Microsoft Azure StorSimple is a hybrid cloud storage array that you can use to connect to Azure from your on-premises datacenter. A key feature is intelligent storage tiering, so that inactive or archival data is...