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Managed disk on Azure

You probably already saw this when you are creating a Virtual Machine on Azure. After you insert the basic information like Name of the VM, choose the size, then comes the time to define and configure the settings of that VM. One of the first thing is the Use of managed disk. But what is managed disks? How they work? What are the implication of using the Managed disks? So,...


Azure Subscriptions Best Practices – Part 2

On the previous blog post (see here), we saw the characteristics of an Azure subscriptions. Now lets see how we can architect the Azure Subscription model, using best practices. First we must understand the limits that each subscription has. See the picture bellow to see the limits. Although because azure is always change, please visit the link bellow to see the most up-to-date Azure subscription limits. http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/azure-subscription-service-limits/ Subscription Design Frequently...


Azure Subscriptions Best Practices – Part 1

Frequently when I’m working on an Azure Foundation project, one of the topic that I like to explore is the Azure Subscriptions. These series of blog post will detail all the information that is required to know to architect a very good foundation for your Azure Infrastructure. Initially a subscription was the administrative security boundary of Microsoft Azure. With the advent of Azure Resource Management (ARM) environment, a subscription now...