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Unable to RDP into Azure VMs

After patching all the Windows Server in Azure, a colleague calls me in panic, because their users, could not access their VMs through RDP. They were getting a CredSSP error (picture bellow).  So, after reading the link bellow, it seems it could be related with the March update. Rebooting the VM didn’t sort the issue, there’s a few mitigations listed in this post Then I realize that was...


How to enable RDS license on an Azure VM

In some organization, it’s common practice to have a jump server in Azure to be used, specially when you have several tools that need to run “locally” on the server. Usually this machine is on a segregated network and not domain join. Although, if you enable RDS licenses to have more than the 2 normal RDP sessions that a Windows Server 2016 give to us, you probably will see some...


New version of Azure Backup Server introduces Modern Backup Storage technology

WOW! What a day for me! Microsoft Azure just announces new and improved features on the new version Azure Backup Server. Let’s start! They announce with Azure Backup Server v2 (MABSv2) you can protect your VMWARE and Windows Server 2016 environment. That is really important feature (in my opinion). Now I don’t need to rely on third party backup software vendors to backup the workloads into Azure, special if the...