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How to Create a Cluster in a Restrictive Active Directory Environment

In Windows Server 2012 there have been several enhancements to how Windows Server Failover Clusters integrate with the Active Directory.  In this post we going to discuss some of the changes to help enable creating Failover Clusters in restrictive Active Directory environments where permissions to create computer objects is delegated to specific organizational units (OU). In Windows Server 2008 R2, Failover Clustering created computer objects in the Active Directory under the default Computers...


How SCVMM 2012 manage storage

The key piece within the new storage architecture for SCVMM 2012 is the Storage Service.  This service is part of SCVMM 2012 and will not be available separately.  The storage service provides the communication capabilities when talking to the storage subsystems through the SMI-S providers.  SMI-S providers are provided by the storage vendor.  This model insures that the SAN provider tools still work and that SCVMM 2012 does not conflict...


What is a Cloud for IT Pro?

When talking to IT pros about the cloud and you’ll hear things like: “What is the cloud? Is it just a set of fancy catchphrases that’s kind of lacking technical backing?” or “I see these public cloud offerings as a way for many teams and organizations to kind of go around IT.” These come with clear angst with questions like: “How does it impact my job? How does it impact...