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Error code UserErrorFsFreezeFailed on Azure Backup

Another day a costumer of mine, call me saying the backups that we enabled previously was troughing the following error: Error Code UserErrorFsFreezeFailed Error Message Failed to freeze one or more mount-points of the VM to take a file-system consistent snapshot Recommended Action Check for devices with dirty filesystem state and unmount them. Run file-consistency check for these devices using the fsck command and mount them again after successful consistency...


Containers on Azure – Part 2

On the previous post (see here), I talked about the concept of Containers, Azure Container Service and Azure Service Fabric. Now that you know the concept and have an idea how to implement it, let see how can you deploy containers in Azure. Azure offers several ways to provision Azure virtual machines that support Docker containers: Install the Docker virtual machine extension. You can either add the extension to an...