Monthly Archive: May 2016


Transform the Datacenter – Part 1

The goal of the series of posts, is based on one of my previous blog post about What we are learning from the cloud (see here). The idea is talk about the datacenter transformation that I’m seeing happening more frequently and fast that we think it’s happen. Organizations are on a fast pace to embrace the Cloud. All the studies are saying that, Gatner, IDC and several others. I really...


What are we learning from cloud?

From the past 8 years, we are seeing this transformation called CLOUD! It’s started with Public and Private! But from those early days what we learn from the Cloud? I learn that Microsoft offers real-world experience with massive scale deployments that is unmatched. Microsoft Global Foundation Services organization supports over 1B customers and 20 million businesses running on Microsoft’s cloud services in 76 markets worldwide. Just one example of the...