Monthly Archive: June 2012


What is the ‘Replication State’ and what are the values?

Replication state shows the current state of the replicating VM. It indicates whether the VM is being replicated, whether initial replication is pending etc. ReplicationState can be queried from: UI – As seen in the above picture PowerShell – Using the Measure-VMReplication cmdlet. WMI – From Msvm_ComputerSystemclass where      ReplicationState is a property The table below captures the states as seen in WMI, UI and PowerShell. WMI UI PowerShell Notes 0...


Storage and Continuous Availability Enhancements in Windows Server 2012

Windows Server 2012 will provide a continuum of availability options to protect against a wide range of failure modes in different tiers – storage, network, and compute. These options will enable higher levels of availability and cost-effectiveness, as well as easier deployment for all customers – from small business to mid-market to enterprises – and across single servers, multiple servers, and multi-site cloud environments. Windows Server 2012delivers on continuous availability...